• Soccer Ball Launcher
December 2012 - BBQ

A good time with friends

2012 Solar Eclipse

The 2012 solar eclipse as seen from the top of the NS building.

  • 2012 Solar Eclipse
2012 Transit of Venus

The 2012 transit of Venus.

  • 2012 Transit of Venus
Can Crusher Project

Employing the principles of electricity and magnetism.

  • Can Crusher Project
General Atomics Tour

A tour of the La Jolla-based nuclear fission/fusion research participant, courtesy of Dr. Finkenthal.

  • General Atomics Tour
Palomar Observatory Tours

Tours of the Palomar Observatory atop Palomar Mountain.

  • Palomar Observatory Tours
Project Leda

A near-space (high-altitude) rocketry project, pioneered by Cory Heath.

  • Project Leda
Rocket Car Competitions

Annual rocket car competitions hosted by Cal State San Marcos.

  • Rocket Car Competitions
Rocket Competitions

Student rocket competitions hosted occasionally by the physics and engineering departments.

  • Rocket Competitions
Soccer Ball Launcher

A project emphasizing Bernoulli\'s principles.